I probably should have known that when the Wonder Weeks app showed a thundercloud, that life would get interesting. Little did I know a couple of unfortunate events would roll on out. It started Saturday evening – with a bang. Although all of this might seem like first world problems to you and not stuff I can actually vent about, I thought I would share it anyway. Cause who doesn’t love a good story? This is real life yo’.


Saturday evening Jaxson started getting cranky. He had his full on cry session that resulted in a screaming session (by him, not me) and since he was already snotty, the mucus build up got worse. So much so, that after 30 minutes of scream-crying, he projectile vomited all over me (he was facing me and I was holding him) and it went EVERYWHERE. Everywhere.

I stood there in total “WTF” mode and called my husband (who was trying to put James to bed) to help. He comes running with towels and takes Jaxson. James comes running and as I turned around and looked at him, I saw this whole thing happen in slow motion before it even happened. He was a foot away from the vomit on the floor and I shouted “JAMES STOP!!!!” He didn’t. Cause why listen to mom right? He full on “cartoon” slipped on the vomit, legs in the air, bum on the floor. Jaxson crying, James now crying and me? Still in total WTF mode.

Sunday morning hubby and I had a little argument before heading out, because you know, the usual “taking too long to get out of the house” feud. Anyway, after that, we head to Wimpy for brekkie. Now as you know, James has been nappy free for over a month now. But at wimpy, he forgets all about his toilet training and tells us he made a poop. Yes, our kid just made a poop in his pants in the middle of Wimpy. Eugene rushes to the bathroom to go clean him and we finish our meal and head to the next trip of the day.


Back home, we decided to braai. Was such a lovely afternoon and the kids napped together for 3 hours – life was good man. Eugene was outside with the boys braaing and I was inside cleaning the kitchen and getting the meat ready. I close the fridge door, and somehow, some way, the door bounces open and the fridge door shelf unhooks and falls down. Red wine, champagne and milk EVERYWHERE. The kitchen had a foul smell, everything was red and I was standing there having an outer body experience wondering WTF just happened.

But to top it all off…ย I freeze my breastmilk in little trays. I took them out to transfer it to the Ziploc bags and as I took out the big Ziploc bag to put the cubes in, the Ziploc bag tears open and the milk cubes fall everywhere in the kitchen. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I know, most people have it way worse but storytime is always fun right. Share your funniest moments with me, I would love to hear!