Kruger Office Makeover

It’s March, I know. My new year’s resolution was to become more organized. Being blessed with a right-side brain really has my mind all over the show most days but I am trying to be a little more put together. It’s hard with two kids, one of them being 6 months old but hey – redoing your office space in something pretty is a start!


Simply Child’s sister store, Simply Home, stocks THE most beautiful goodies for your office. I hopped on over and ordered this gorgeous trestle table that suited the space perfectly. A black canvas to start with. I added two leather strap shelves, an A3 framed print and got some goodies over at Typo and Mr Price Home. It came together beautifully I rate – what do you think?


I must admit – it does make me feel a little more organized. Even if it is just by staring at it… My little Pinterest perfect nook! Simply home has such a swoon-worthy site and I can browse it for hours. Their craftsmanship is just as impeccable as Simply Child and their pieces are timeless. Let me know what you think on my little office corner, and if I should rather stick to my day job. (Be kind interior designers!)