Breastfeeding Must Haves : My top TEN

We have reached 5 months of breastfeeding and even though it can be so frustrating at times, we push through. We push through the sore nips, the cluster feeds, the fussy feeds, the leaking boobs and the general feeling of feeling like a dairy cow. So what have I been using on my journey?

1: Bamboobies Washable Breastpads

We all have leaky boobs in the beginning when your supply is still adapting to your baby’s needs. Maybe you even have leaky boobs after due to oversupply (what a blessing!) That is where these babies come in handy. No scratchy pads that you have to dispose after 2 hours. Eco-friendly and so soft and gentle, necessary when your nipples are so sensitive. Shop them here. 

2: Nursing Pillow from JeanKelly

Your little one has a soft, fragile little head. Keeping their head comfy while feeding can be difficult as normal pillows are to big, feeding pillows can be uncomfy but then this little creation comes along to make your life easier. It slips up your arm so you lock it in place. Comfy, easy to use and so soft for your little one – I absolutely love this pillow. Shop them here. 


3: Nursing cover for public feeding

I had a few to try out and they all pretty awesome. It boils down to preference of style and what you like. I am attaching a few photos of the different companies we love and adore that make these.

Mina Moo


Petit Bunny




Dandy Lion


4: Electric Pump

Helloooooo Spectra you beauty! I have said so much about this amazing machine, you can read all about it here :


5: Silicone Pump

I have a separate review on this range I tested out and I will still post it. But just know, I love our Haakaa Silicone pump and it’s definitely worth buying if you want to build up your stash and not let any of your let-downs go to waste.


6: Burp cloths

Yes, you can use plain towelling burp cloths but we love our SugarDotSa burp clothes. So soft and made from muslin material – perfect for a little baby’s gentle skin. They come in beautiful prints as well and you will almost always find one lying around the house and/or in our nappy bag.

Little One Baby also has gorgeous burp cloths that we reach for when those nasty milk burps surface. Click here for our little review on them.


7: Clothing

For you, not for baby! You need to look good and you need to be able to have easy access to those boobs! I wrote a little review on the breastfeeding friendly range of Anneen Henze and you can find that here. These dresses are a staple in my closet and I wear them almost daily. It’s an investment, I promise you!

Shop Anneen Henze here :

8 : Bra’s

We all need a good bra when breastfeeding. My go to will always be the Woolies bra’s that have padding and the bra’s that look like sportbra’s. I have both styles and alternate between them. For a “prettier” bra, head over to Sophie and Jane and have a look at their range of beautiful breastfeeding bra’s that look like lingerie, no jokes! We have two and we love them. Shop them here.



9: Support

This is not something you can buy but it’s rather important. You need the support of your family and husband on this journey. Without it, you won’t do well. If you cannot get proper support from them, join the La leche league group on Facebook and join the family of breastfeeding moms. We all friends there and support and uplift each other when needed. The leaders aim to assist as soon as they can and they do it for free! That’s how passionate they are about breastfeeding and supporting the moms that do. I post on the group quite regularly and I am always so overwhelmed with the kindness and love that I receive.


10: Perseverence

I have a full post written about breastfeeding and my feelings towards it. I also bust some myths and give advice that I know I needed in the beginning of my journey. Find that post here.

So that’s it! Do you have any other must haves for breastfeeding? Let me know if I am missing anything!